Powermemo is AI-based cloud service for cross-organizational projects and partner collaboration. Excellent tool for growth companies, who want to challenge old dinosaurs.

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Powermemo is a unique management tool for enterprise collaboration networks

Keep your company’s balance sheet in order! Running your operations through business collaboration networks, you’ll save money and keep fixed costs under control. Powermemo can be used in all stages of the business value chain. Select the area in which your company needs a kick-start!

Boost Sales Manage Business Growth Manage Partner Network

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Powermemo Combines Your Business Collaboration Data and Communication Into One Unified Workspace

Powermemo integrates your enterprise systems anad communication channels into one unified workspace

Online workspace with powerful features

Key-users will get a toolset with all necessary features in action planning, task management, business reporting/dashboard and collaboration. You and your partners will have your own “just for me” workspaces with tailored views.

Intelligent broker – Smart integration

Intelligent broker combines the discussions, feedback, data files, calendar events, alarms, status reports and requests from various sources into your company’s processes and business data – in one lucid workspace.

Get more out from your current apps

Your can use your network’s existing communication channels – like email, Whatsup, Slack or data from ERP systems – and Powermemo integrates all traffic into shared, clarified views. In daily use, people do not have to worry about how to use Powermemo – it is like an unobtrusive, smart assistant.

Finnish Patent and Registration Office have granted on 27 June 2016 intellectual property rights (IPR) no. 11296 for system and computer program product of Akselworks (Powermemo®) invention relating to dynamic collaboration system.

Use Powermemo for Running Global Management Board, Multi-Company Management, Supplier Networks, Reseller and Sub-contractor Management, Sales Agent Networks, Consultancy collaboration.

Where To Use?

Supplier and Sub-contractor Networks, Sales and Reseller Network Management, Consultancy Networks, Networked Management Teams, Global Corporate Teams.

Powermemo is a cloud service for CEOs, Executive teams and business managers

Who Is It For?

People who run business networks – in Sales & Marketing, Procurement & Logistics, ICT, Finance, R&D or in Business Lines.

Why Choose Powermemo

Why Choose Powermemo?

Partner management in the cloud saves time. Start with one partner and expand the use with easy onboarding. Powermemo combines your own communication and office solutions as well as your existing ERP data into one intelligent business solution. Communication chaos is past!