Let AI based Digital Assistant do all the routine job for you!

Powermemo is AI-based cloud service for cross-organizational projects and partner collaboration. Works in background, so no new systems have to be learnt! Excellent tool for growth companies, who want to challenge old dinosaurs.

Intelligence at Work

CRM Solutions Have Bad Genes – Mutation is Going On

"Artificial intelligence or AI is encroaching on the sales process at an exciting rate, or alarming, depending on your side ...
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Real World AI Applications – 3 Business Areas

Wondering whether there are any real world AI applications? Harward Business Review listed 3 areas, where organisation are already using ...
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HBR: Collaborative Intelligence: Humans and AI Are Joining Forces.

Great article in Harvard Business Review about AI assisting humans. "Smart machines are helping humans expand their abilities in three ...
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Could Powermemo Be Your Platform in AI Based Business Collaboration?

You can have your own tailored Powermemo and your own VIRA™. Our solution can be used in each stage of the value chain or you can choose them all!

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