About Us

We are a highly experienced collaborative network of business professionals and software developers and designers.

We have over 20 years experience in business management development in various fields:

Modern Business Management Tools and Methodology Development
Collaboration Network Development
Digitalization and R&D projects
Process Development and Efficiency Development Programs
Global Process and ICT Programs
Management Team boosting projects

In Powermemo we follow the same working methods and management philosophy, that we offer to our customers – we count on transparency in collaboration, confidentiality and visible achievements.

Our technology competence is far beyond average: we are professional not only in all modern web and mobile technologies, but we integrate our services very efficiently to other legacy technologies like MS, SAP or Google.

Powermemo business started 2011 and product development part was carved-out 08/2015 to the new incubator company Akselworks Oy – owned by three companies Straightlines Corporation Oy, StartupWiseGuys and Kiskolabs Oy. We have also received funding from TEKES (Technology Agency Finland) and European Regional Development Fund.

Partner Companies

Kiskolabs Oy: Web and Mobile Development
StartupWiseGuys: Startup Acceleration
Straightlines Corporation: Management Consultancy
TEKES: Funding

If you like to join our increasing collaboration partner network, just send us an email via Get in touch page.


Akselworks Oy - Company Logo

Powermemo is a trademark owned by Akselworks Oy, Finland