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Powermemo into Microsoft Turbopump program

Powermemo was chosen into Microsoft Turbopump Market Entry program. Turbopump is Microsoft’s unique market entry program for companies that are ready to scale - and come bigger! For Powermemo it is very important to get one of the biggest companies to help and support expansion. Toni Perämäki - the head of the program in Microsoft - said "The level of candidates was really tough" and it is great to be one of them! Comparing to many other startup programs, this ...
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Powermemo started a VIRA development project in Hot Potato program

Turku University of Applied Sciences together with  University of Turku have started a new digitalization program Hot Potato. It is dedicated for SME's who want to get a new insight into their products, services or working methods - especially from the digitalization point of view. For Powermemo, the Hot Potato program is just what we need - we are developing a new version 2.0 of  Powermemo VIRA™ (Virtual Assistant), that supports people in different business networks to work more synchronized and transparent ...
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Powermemo supports emojis

Our Development Team has made emoji support to all Powermemo text objects. There are plenty of ways to use them in your business communication e.g.: In memos In tasks - e.g. grouping them into different classes In namings - e.g. teams/peoples/work packages In comments, when you want to rise-up or challenge In communications with customers (when you have Open Feedback functionality) You can use them also as tags with search functionalty (in certain emojis). Powermemo Team 😀 Ps. Mac users ...
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Powermemo infra AWS is a leader in Gartner’s Quadrant 2017

In late 2013 we analyzed, which infrastructure platform we should choose for the Powermemo. We knew, that some Powermemo's customer segments were inclined into Microsoft world, some others into Google. Both are excellent choices, but we turned into Amazon Web Services for one very important reason. Powermemo is a genuine business network service and therefore the infrastructure provider has to be able to offer solutions, that can be used in very complex networks and business critical environments. Moreover, other platforms ...
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