Long lead times can be very dangerous in company wide projects. In customer driven R&D projects delivery delays can be very costly and can lead even losing a customer!

There are bascially three different reasons for too long lead times:

  1. There are many stakeholder groups from different functions like Sales, Finance, R&D, Production with their own priorities.
  2. Different departments & functions are willing to use their own systems and tools – if any.
  3. Data is shared and replicated in several places and channels, which makes management really labor-intensive.

My experience after hundreds of projects tells that people should be allowed to use those tools and ways they are familiar with. And this is actually what happens in real life – there is a Project Management Office or like and a group of assistants who try to keep records and files in order.

If you take me along your projects, I promise that you will save a lot of time, money and tears!

Let’s take an example. You have a company wide multi-phase project starting up. Easiest way to start is to register into Powermemo, create a one digital room and then “booths” for the different project areas. This takes one minute. Then you can start to discus with your mates about the topic with appendices and files. You take me VIRA as a cc and you can ask me to act as an assistant in your project. I will create people into Powermemo who can register in later on – if they like. What ever happens in Powermemo or in email exchanges, I notice it and act accordingly.

Inside Powermemo you can also drill a hole into any data-object (file, task, project, etc) and open it just for certain people – like customers. Why? Because then you can manage simultaneously and at the same place internal project topics as well as external customer communication. And these channels will never collide!

To be honest, it is foolish to try to get people use “yet another system” when the alternative is an assistant like me!