Powermemo Features


Powermemo is a secure, web-based agile business management tool for business professionals, executive teams and management boards. It is developed by business professionals for business professionals to help management in strategy, operations and projects. Powermemo is based on the scientific model (Finnish Patent and Registration Office IPR no. 11296)



Agile Business Management Toolset

Get The Big Picture of How Your Business and People Perform – and Make Corrective Actions

  • Strategic (long term) and operational (short term) targets.
    • Set up project specific main targets and adjustable operational targets.
    • Drive your business by short term targets and at the same time have a long term perspective.
  • Automatic progress: manual, time based, performance based, custom attribute based
    Status management: warning, alarm limits.
  • Customizable management dashboard.
  • Custom performance metrics, create your own KPIs.
    • Customized pipeline stages: KANBAN, QGATE’s, etc.
    • Custom attributes: E.g. Hours, Actuals, Estimates, Categories, Risks, Status
    • Virtual columns based on API data/other custom attributes.
    • Sorting/filtering
    • Customizable user dashboard. Full picture of people’s achievements and workloads. As a manager you can get into people’s personal tasks lists in the shared workspaces.
  • Progress chart for work packages
  • Calculated status analysis and automatic suggestions for corrective actions to improve performance based on embedded intelligence
  • Dashboard API

Optional/custom features:

  • Competence matching. Check where you find best competences for the project
  • Customer specific interfaces (ERP,CRM, etc)


Get Decisions into Action Immediately

  • Smart note tool for agendas, meeting minutes and memos. Keep meeting flow – specify tasks. inside the memo. Assign responsible and delegate tasks during meetings.
  • Delegate a task automatically to several responsible.
  • Virtual people: Assign tasks and responsibilities before invitations
  • Mark down decisions, action points, ideas or problems.
  • Meeting invitations with calendar integration.
  • Automatic backup – memo is cached on server – you cannot loose anything.
  • After a meeting, a memo can be emailed to participants – and even to external people

Optional/custom features:

  • Formatted memo templates for corporate use
  • Integrate Memo tool to your task management or project management environment


Manage Tasks & Workflows and Connect Them To Your Business Targets

  • Assign responsible and receivers for the task
  • Assign tasks to persons, teams and virtual users
  • Automatic backup – when writing a task it is cached on server – you cannot loose anything
  • Assign tasks realtime inside the memo document, task permanently linked to memo
  • Specify and modify due dates
  • Task types: decision, action, idea, issue
  • Task status: active, overdue, completed
  • Move tasks between work packages
  • Link files to tasks. Connect to file sharing services ((e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive Office365, Sharepoint)
  • Discuss and comment tasks
  • Tasks assessment. Default categories (scope, schedule, consequences, roles & responsibilities, benefits)
  • Shared task lists – filter task lists by workspaces, work packages, people, teams and virtual users
  • Private task list (MyWork) shows person’s tasks from all projects and organizations sorted by schedule. Shortcuts to workspaces, filtering by task types and user roles (“I’m responsible” or “I’m waiting to get this”)
  • Task list sorting by due date and urgency and by type, actions, issues, ideas, decisions
  • Mail notifications to selected responsible and receivers
  • External feedback method for tasks. People with no access to workspace can be asked to comment and evaluate single tasks
  • Workload monitoring. Monitor tasks per projects, work packages, teams and persons. Get automatic work load info when assigning a task to a responsible.
  • Task performance history diagrams. Completion rates, Over due date rates, Progressing rates. Various timeframes: last month, last 3 months, all

Optional/custom features:

  • User defined custom task types
  • Custom task assessment – your own categorization. Task attributes – e.g. budgeted hours, actual sales etc

Online Workspace For Collaborative Networks

Make the Management of Collaborative Projects Easy

  • Online workspaces for projects
  • Unlimited number of work packages.
    Work package is a “sub-project” or “sub-folder” in a workspace
  • Work progress monitoring (%), progress chart
  • Stages (work package): not started, progressing, waiting, completed)
  • Custom stages, define your own pipelines
  • Custom attributes: unlimited number of numeric attributes (budgeted, actuals, hours, etc) or list attributes (Product Categories, Market Areas, etc)
  • Scheduling. Timeline (GANTT) and milestones
  • Workload graph. Workload by projects, work packages, teams, persons.
  • Unlimited number of collaborative networks. Each network can have several workspaces.
  • Unlimited number of users per collaborative network.
  • Email invitations to new users.
  • Direct invitations from the note tool. Invite users to workspace directly when writing a memo
  • Manage teams. Assign responsibility to teams. Members can belong to several teams. Teams can belong to several work packages.
  • Create virtual team members for planning and later link to a real person.
  • Activity chart. What has happened lately in a project.
  • Comment and discuss general workspace issues, work packages/projects, tasks and files. Discussions are visible to all users with access to the workspace
  • Continuous realtime assessment integrated to work objects (work packages & tasks) based on unique scientific model (patent pending). External feedback and assessment channel for ”outsiders’ and external stakeholders can be opened for single tasks and files.

Optional/custom features

  • Integrate custom attributes to external systems


Connect Your File System, Email & Calendars

  • Upload, downloads
  • Link files from file systems (tasks, memos, comments, text fields)
  • File folders for workspace, work package
  • Link Files to specific tasks and vice versa (tasks to files)
  • Link files from external data sources (URL). Dropbox, Google Drive, Office365, Sharepoint, Onedrive, MFiles
  • File-related commenting and discussion. External feedback method for files to
 people with no access to Powermemo
  • Search
  • Different Categories
    • Files, Memos,Tasks, Workspaces, Workpackages
    • Emailing: when tasks are assigned, commenting tasks, files, work packages, setting responsibilities
  • iCAL calendar standard: Google, Outlook, Mac/Apple, Notes, etc.

Optional/custom features:

  • Comprehensive file system integration
  • File version management


Create Transparency

  • Note tool for writing shared documents with embedded task assignments – agendas, meeting minutes, memos, papers
  • Shared and collaborative content management. All users with access to workspace can create, edit and delete
  • Comment workspaces, work packages, tasks and files
  • Assess work packages, tasks and files
  • External feedback channel – a method for commenting and assessing single tasks and files for people with no access to workspace.
  • Automatic email notifications of responsibilities, tasks & comments. Contains a link that opens the task directly (if you have logged in)
  • Real time activity log containing all events in your collaborative networks and workspaces
  • Web calendar integration (ICS)
  • Tags t: can be used all objects. Memos, tasks, etc.
  • Search for all information classes in Powermemo

Optional/custom features:

  • SMS messaging
  • Custom feedback reports – for users and managers
  • Data import/export
  • API


Account Management & User Support

  • Online registration
  • Manage your personal profile
  • Manage payments.
  • Monthly charging. Most common payment methods supported including billing.
  • Upgrades, downgrades, license termination and re-activation
  • Change workspace style, light and dark theme
  • User management. User levels: owners/managers and members. User deactivations/reactivations.
  • Contextual help and user tips
  • Online chat support with email notifications


  • Special user support with dedicated support person available


Your Business Data is Always Safe and Secured

  • User IDs and password are managed by the Supplier’s administrators of the Powermemo Services and may only be accessed and managed by persons who need to know such information for performing their duties.
  • The Supplier is using and running industry standard methods and programs to prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other harmful computer code from Powermemo Services. Powermemo Services use Heroku/Amazon fully secured virtual services. Data link between Client (Browser) and Server is secured and based on SSL/TLS HTTP connection.
  • Heroku’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers and utilize the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Amazon’s data center operations have been accredited under:
    • ISO 27001
    • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II) • PCI Level 1
• FISMA Moderate
• Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Powermemo is hosted in Amazon Web Services Ireland region

  • See https://www.heroku.com/policy/security and https://aws.amazon.com/security/

Powermemo in 3 minutes – View the video

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