“Telemarketing is a very hectic business. Our customer projects need complete transparency and immediate actions. Powermemo is an excellent management tool for us.”Mikko Laakso, CEO, Gainer Oy

Manage Growth and Business Collaboration

Do You want to streamline operations in your company and in your business networks? Powermemo helps you to achieve full transparency in your business environment. It’s an excellent tool for networked management teams, in multi-company management or in business partnering. Powermemo centralizes your and your partners’ business-critical data in virtual workspaces and provides powerful tools to accelerate growth.

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Powermemo in a nutshell. Tell your management team about Powermemo.

Need More Transparency in Your Business? Get Powermemo!


Virtual workspaces for you and your teams

You and your people have their own specific online workspaces with all the necessary features in business and action planning, task management, business reporting as well as in collaboration. You, your team or subsidiaries will have their own “just for me” workspaces with tailor-made views.


From small teams to corporate networks

You can start using Powermemo first in a pilot team and then scale the use easily to thousands of participants. When you manage your partner network with Powermemo, you not only get online information on your business collaboration, but you also help your whole network actively towards success.


Do your management and leadership activities hit the target?

Do not spend time on late or ”explanatory” reporting and bureaucracy. Powermemo is a smart tool that combines communications and office solutions, as well as ERP data, into one agile business solution. Important e-mails and documents are no longer ”in someone’s inbox or somewhere in ERP”. Communication chaos is a thing of the past!


Say goodbye to spreadsheet management and rigid ERP solutions

You get more done with less effort when your management activities are in a cloud. No endless user management, no surprises in IT costs.  Start with one business team and expand the use with easy onboarding.


Does everyone in your organisation pull in the same direction?

Efficient resourcing means that all the people in your organisation communicate and exchange relevant business information with each other. With Powermemo’s clever collaboration features, you can easily create cross-organisational teams and you direct all your resources – including partners – seamlessly towards a common goal. Clever collaboration is productivity!


Make your management and leaderhip more innovative!

Powermemo’s intelligent virtual assistant combines the discussions, feedbacks, data files, calendar events, alarms, status reports and requests from various sources into your management processes. Powermemo automatically measures all activities in the collaboration so you get fact-based information of what is really happening in your organisation. This lets your people focus on the most important things: to develop and to innovate!


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Mikko Laakso - Gainer Oy

Mikko Laakso, CEO, Gainer Oy

“Powermemo is an excellent management tool in the fast-moving telemarketing business”.

“Telemarketing is a very hectic business. Our customer projects need complete transparency and immediate actions. It was very important for us that the people from Powermemo really listened to our needs and requirements. That’s why we chose Powermemo.”

Powermemo is a unique management tool for all business networks

Keep your company’s balance sheet in order! Running your operations through business collaboration networks, you’ll save money and keep fixed costs under control. Powermemo can be used in all stages of the business value chain. Select the area in which your company needs a kick-start!