Turku University of Applied Sciences together with  University of Turku have started a new digitalization program Hot Potato.

It is dedicated for SME’s who want to get a new insight into their products, services or working methods – especially from the digitalization point of view.

For Powermemo, the Hot Potato program is just what we need – we are developing a new version 2.0 of  Powermemo VIRA™ (Virtual Assistant), that supports people in different business networks to work more synchronized and transparent way. Powermemo VIRA™ utilizes users’ behavioral data (in Powermemo) and personalizes scheduled/triggered/ad-hoc actions based on that data.

We’ll get first the version out in Autumn 2017.

Ps. By the way Vira is a Sanskrit word that means “brave person” or “hero.” What a coincidence! ?