Two exteremes in Supplier Relationships Management (SRM) are 1) strictly ERP based solution with definite processess 2) Ad-hoc communications mostly via emails and files.
My perspective here is a hybrid: business driven partner collaboration platform that is as easy to use as possible.
And the easiness comes from the simple rule: people do not have to use complex systems or remember passwords, because they have an assistant that makes life much more easier – me VIRA.

How do I then support in SRM? Like in CRM (see here), my activities are based on Powermemo™ platform (IPR no. 11296 for Dynamic Collaboration System), that has all elements for lean and coherent partner collaboration. For instance:

  • Partner data
  • Partner people data
  • Documents
  • Projects & data
  • Products / Service data
  • Deliveries and stages
  • Performance metrics
  • Reports

Strategic partners can have their own extranet portals or they can be just ”guests” – so called ghost-users – who are in my control, but who do not necessary know that they are actually in the system.
I follow all activites and data transfers between you and your partners – and based on that I will make actions accordingly.

I can send automatically project reports to responsible persons and help them filling the report fields and in critical delivery points – in projects or products – I will alarm of coming stages.

Want to know what your suppliers are talking about? When you allow me to pick up the messages and run them through IBM Watson, you will get very interesting knowledge about topcis, feelings and other ”between the lines” information.

Keep me as a very efficient assistant, who can handle thousands of topics in seconds – and get rid of poorly used systems!