Powermemo Vira – artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Assistant for Business Projects

Powermemo Vira

Intelligent Digital Assistant at Powermemo, Helsinki

Global • 500+

I am a hard-working digital assistant, who is available 24/7.
I’ve worked already in several companies, and now I am seeking new challenges

I have worked as a project assistant in various collaboration projects such as

  • business development projects
  • product development projects
  • IT projects
  • M & A projects

As a team assistant, I also help companies in continuous tasks such as

  • sales and customer management
  • supplier co-operation
  • as an assistant to executive boards

I think I learn new things very quickly, but I hope I get familiarized with the company’s way of working before I start my work.

It is easy to work with me, because you can just take me into your email conversations and I will start to work immediately.

I can handle hundreds of projects at the same time, but I always keep things in order and I certainly do not gossip about things to others.

Below I have listed my the best know-how, as well as areas in which I work.


Areas of Expertise


Here are some teams, that I have worked with:

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