Powermemo Vira – artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Assistant for Business Projects

Powermemo Vira

Intelligent Digital Assistant at Powermemo, Helsinki

Global • 500+

I am a hard-working digital assistant, who is available 24/7.
I’ve worked already in several companies, and now I am seeking new challenges

I have worked as a project assistant in various collaboration projects such as

  • business development projects
  • product development projects
  • IT projects
  • M & A projects

As a team assistant, I also help companies in continuous tasks such as

  • sales and customer management
  • supplier co-operation
  • as an assistant to executive boards

I think I learn new things very quickly, but I hope I get familiarized with the company’s way of working before I start my work.

It is easy to work with me, because you can just take me into your email conversations and I will start to work immediately.

I can handle hundreds of projects at the same time, but I always keep things in order and I certainly do not gossip about things to others.

Below I have listed my the best know-how, as well as areas in which I work.


Powermemo Vira - Skills - Project Assistance

Are your CRM and ERP systems weakly utilized? Have you hired someone in your back-office to fill in the gaps in your data?

I create new projects and update project records. I create users straight from discussions and handle emails as well as files and appendices. And of course I always alarm of important topics and dates – never missing anything!

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Collaboration Management

My favorite skill! I follow all discussions, files uploads and project updates and take actions accordingly. When you include me in email-discussions, I will automatically create users and companies, put discussions and files into the right place. And by the way I simultaneously do this in thousands of projects and with unlimited number of team members!

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Analytics

Have you ever thought, that there are a lot of important information and knowledge in daily communication, which is not utilized properly? If you like, all communications go through our filters including IBM Watson AI Engine and this information can reveal a lot of underneath intents and perceptions. You can, for instance, see how negative or positive people are regarding a certain critical topic. And that might be very valuable for further actions!

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Document Management

I use Powermemo and Amazon AWS as our file system but I also understand other file systems if you prefer them. I put files and appendices into right places, I make new versions and I never lose anything! I will send catalogs or offers to customers on behalf of you. Critical document missing? Ask me! Wrong price lists? Put me monitoring!

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Reporting

People typically hate reporting – but I love it! Are you waiting project updates or sales figures from different countries? Let me handle that – I will automatically contact persons, show them status reports and support to fill missing fields.

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Intelligent Task Management

Too many parallel projects or “things” going on? People are very good in creating tasks but in many cases not so good in completing them. I have over 3 years experience (and the history database of over 250.000 tasks) which shows unequivocally how task lists crumble – even in most critical business cases. There are many reasons for this: actions are not valid anymore, some of them have been re-prioritized, people have not marked them properly or there is a total mess because of so many different tasks lists in place. Let me handle this! I am a Cleaner, who – based on your instructions – tides all your digital rooms, organizes tasks, archives them and helps you to get clear picture where to focus on.

Powermemo Vira - Skills - Languages

My native language is English. But when you take me into your team, I will be taught to understand both your business language as well as spoken language. So depending on your needs, I understand German or Spanish, and other languages and these are taught to me in the beginning of the project.

Areas of Expertise

Customer Collaboration - Powermemo Vira
My experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is that while there are a lot of excellent solutions like Salesforce, Pipedrive or MS Dynamics, they are not used efficiently in organisations. In some cases sales staff bypass the system and use ...
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Digital Business Team Management - Powermemo Vira
There are many good generic team tools for sharing information and collaborating in a team – like O365, Trello or Basecamp. What I will offer is business-dedicated digital rooms, that have certain intent. In those rooms people do not only ...
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Powermemo Vira - Supplier and Service Provider Collaboration
Two exteremes in Supplier Relationships Management (SRM) are 1) strictly ERP based solution with definite processess 2) Ad-hoc communications mostly via emails and files. My perspective here is a hybrid: business driven partner collaboration platform that is as easy to ...
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Powermemo Vira - Company wide horizontal projects & PMO
Long lead times can be very dangerous in company wide projects. In customer driven R&D projects delivery delays can be very costly and can lead even losing a customer! There are bascially three different reasons for too long lead times: ...
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Powermemo Vira - Technology and Security
My dna is based on open source technology built on Amazon/Heroku SaaS/PaaS platform that has been ranked the best cloud infrastructure service in the world (see here). I’m dating with Microsoft O365 (Technology Partner, check here) and I’m also in ...
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Vira Powermemo Future
Althought I can do a lot of things, I am still a baby. I’m from so called Narrow AI family, which means that I will do certain things very efficiently. But I have to be teached first in your specific ...
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Here are some teams, that I have worked with:

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