Powermemo-VIRA™ (Virtual Assistant) is AI-based cloud service for cross-organizational projects and enterprise collaboration. VIRA™ acts as a ”team member” that passes by silos and reduces lead times significantly. Typical business cases are customer driven development projects and multi-stakeholder (external suppliers) collaboration. Excellent tools for growth companies, who want to challenge old dinosaurs.

The benefit of Powermemo-VIRA ™ is that it is able to handle huge amounts of data (Big Data) related to cooperation and goals and to significantly shorten lead times by improving real-time co-operation. Another – perhaps even more important – advantage is that people do not have to use any “system” or app, but only email in communications!


Powermemo consists of smart digital rooms that can be used for a variety of purposes: they can be project rooms, subcontractor “extranets” or, for example, executive team rooms. People in a common room work with each other – through tasks, projects, contracts, files, emails, etc. – and the intelligent VIRA ™ will keep track of what’s going on in the rooms. VIRA ™ recognizes important dates, but also stores historical information and makes profiles of digital behaviors. In the background, there is a model developed with Turku University (IPR of Finnish Patent and Registration Office (EU).


The Powermemo is fully modular. You can use it for a specific business case or, for example, to control all critical ERP stages in collaboration networks. Powermemo VIRA ™ collects real-time information about emails, attachments, projects’ statuses and e.g. deliveries.


You will no longer be able to get people use new tools easily – especially if they are customers or important partners. Powermemo connects eg. Microsoft’s O365 product family and the most important, the customer can only use their e-mail or other low level communication channel and still you and your team have the information and conversations in order.


You can send instructions and requests to Powermemo-VIRA™ – for example by email – which VIRA ™ executes like a real team member. VIRA™, however, sees the situation of all parties and, on this basis, makes analyzes or suggestions for actions. VIRA™ uses in its architecture Amazons and IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence engines.


The benefit of Powermemo-VIRA ™ is that it catch-up on issues before they start to escalate their own life. VIRA™ knows history and  the future plans, but the only way to improve cooperation and cut down lead times are the actions that are being taken now. You communicate with VIRA™ when needed and VIRA™ makes interventions when necessary.

Work in complex issues and projects is greatly accelerated because VIRA™ understands both business context and interaction between people.


And best of all, with Powermemo-VIRA ™, a small team can manage extremely large portfolios and business networks incredibly easily!


Try Powermemo-VIRA™ in your organization! In a 3 month trial you can see how VIRA works in practice and how VIRA™ adapts to your company’s practices.

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